If you guys didn’t follow the viral incident regarding Usher’s “Good Golly Miss Molly” permed coiffe at the start of the year, then you missed out on a whole lotta laughs. The “Climax” singer took to Instagram back in January, to share a proud picture of himself with an old school pompadour – a picture which Usher may have been better off not posting looking back. The interweb (as it does) proceeded to roast Usher like a sweet potato in response to the hilarious perm, wondering what could’ve possibly come over the artist in this stylistic choice. 

After that, Usher debuted his second hairstyle of the year – which he was probably thinking would fare better with fans – a set of patterned cornrows. Fans didn’t take to this one any better though, and proceeded to roast him for the second round of the year. 

Now, Usher has taken to switching up his ‘do once more, appearing at Brian Michael Cox’s R&B Wednesday party at Gold Room in Atlanta today. The venue was transformed into what looked like a music industry prom, to celebrate Keith Thomas’ 40th birthday. Usher was just one of the names who appeared to turn up with Keith and his friends, including Brian Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri, and Keri Hilson. The hairstyle assassin seemed confident in a subdued style of short twists, fit with a buzz cut that allowed him to preview the real star of the night: his new, intricate head tattoo. THE FULL GALLERY OF PICTURES CAN BE SEEN HERE. How are y’all feeling his latest look?