A few years ago, Jasmine TriDevil hoaxed the world into believing she had gotten surgery to add a third breast on her torso. It was quickly debunked but even after people knew she was capping, TriDevil still walked around town with her prosthetic breast. She reportedly grew to enjoy the feeling of having three breasts and she’s actually reached out to a number of plastic surgeons who would be willing to make it a permanent thing.

According to The Sun, a woman is attempting to become the first person in history to have three breasts. The YouTube star has said that she’s tired of having to sit for hours while a special effects artist attaches the prosthetic breast to her chest and she just wants the real thing now. Apparently, she’s found a surgeon and is going through with it. 

Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

The report notes that Jasmine put a call out on social media to find a surgeon who would be down to perform the procedure. Now that somebody has given her the green light, she’s trying to raise a total of $70,000 before the surgery. “Initially, I never took the three-breasted figure seriously, however, after wearing the prosthetic for so long, I have grown to adore the fantasy of having that body type,” said Jasmine. “I find something very appealing and seductive about the look. I receive much more male attention when I have the third breast. It seems that the average man finds it intriguing.”

She will need to pass a psychiatric evaluation before going through with the surgery to prove that she’s sane.