It’s news to us that Rob Kardashian was working on a fashion line, moving away from his former sock brand. It looks as though the whole concept and idea won’t be seeing the light of day though since it’s been pulled after the logo has already been used. TMZ reports that Rob’s HALFWAYDEAD line fronted a skull logo that was far too close to that of independent street artist, Rx Skulls.

The publication details how Rx ad Rob’s team got in touch and put the issue to bed immediately and the independent brand was even given an explanation as to how it happened, leaving no harm done. Rx was seemingly alerted of Rob’s design attempt by fans and the official Instagram account sent out a note thanking their followers. 

“Guys, I just want to say thank you for the incredibly humbling support. Ya’ll stood up for me in a huge huge way and I’m floored. It’s so fucking cool that you would take the time,” the message read. “I’m not guna elaborate cause if you know you know. But everything is cool now. Surprisingly cool interaction and a positive end result.”