Things between Wendy Williams and her ex-husband Kevin Hunter didn’t break off smoothly. Of course, Kevin Hunter had a child with another woman while Williams was dealing with her substance abuse issues. Wendy and Hunter previously worked together but ultimately, he ended up getting the boot which has apparently lifted spirits on set. Wendy recently dished out the divorce, stating that she “was cooped up only to be a show pony” while with Hunter, but Kevin didn’t see it that way. Instead, he simply thinks she’s lazy.

And this is when 50 Cent comes into play. The Power executive who’s had a long-standing rivalry with Wendy Williams didn’t waste much time picking sides, jokingly. After screenshotting TMZ’s article about Hunter’s response, joking roasted Hunter and Wendy at the same time. “oh so she’s lazy 🤔ok Pimpin we ain’t having that 🤨she better get out there and get your money man,” he wrote. This could reignite the feud but it also wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Wendy pays it no mind.

The last time Fif took aim at Wendy Williams was in April after a picture of the talk show host emerged online with her eyes popping out. She’s previously stated that it’s due to Graves’ Disease. However, he suggested that it was likely due to her substance abuse issues. ” “What the fuck kinda Crack make you look like this,” he said. He continued to troll her that day after a report emerged about how Williams is paying Hunters’ bills. “So when she look like ET, she gotta pay all the bills,” he wrote.