After a long 82-game season and four rounds of playoff basketball, the Toronto Raptors proved themselves to be the best team in the league as they won the championship last night. Heading into the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, not too many people were giving the Raptors a chance to win the series. Thanks to some untimely injuries on the Warriors, the Raptors were able to dominate the Finals and won in six games as they received dominant performances from Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, and Fred VanVleet.

Immediately after the game, the team was given the championship trophy all while Leonard was crowned Finals MVP. As soon as the players got back to the locker room, they hosted an epic celebration which saw bottles of champagne sprayed across the room, all while players were drenched in the expensive alcohol.

At the forefront of these celebrations was Leonard who has been criticized in the past for not showing very much emotion. Leonard was probably the happiest we have ever seen him last night as he put on the protective goggles and covered himself in the foamy champagne.

This is Leonard’s second NBA championship and the Raptors first title as a franchise. It was an incredible moment that both the players and fan base will remember forever.