Screwing over 50 Cent in any sort of fashion will never work out for you. Over the past few months, Fif’s had his issues with people who owe him money and he typically airs them out on social media until they pay him back. Unfortunately, no one’s safe from Fofty’s wrath including the people that work for him. Earlier today, the rapper took to Instagram to call out Bentley. No, the luxury car brand doesn’t owe him money but he wants his money back for his recently purchased Bentley Mulsanne. 

Fif’s completely fed up with his new Bentley Mulsanne that he purchased from Manhattan Motors. The rapper shared a clip of himself riding in his vehicle, going off on the car dealership and the vehicle itself. “I want my money back Bob come get this shit man. I should leave it in the middle of the street in front Manhattan motors & fuck up traffic,” he captioned the post.

“This shit is a piece of shit,” Fif said. “I got this shit from Manhattan Motors. Manhattan Motors sent me a fuckin’ lemon, man. Shit feel like it’s an old ass man car, man. My old Mulsanne is WAY better than this shit,” he continued. “This shit feel like it has transmission issues. I’m takin’ this shit back,” he added.

Peep the clip below.