Love & Hip-Hop are well acquainted with Brittney Taylor’s antics. It wasn’t so long ago that Taylor played the victim in an alleged 35-story beatdown at the hands of steely Remy Ma. The news came to light in the form of an Instagram post in which Taylor posed with her newly-minted black eye. From there, an arrest was issued at her behest, with Remy Ma complying with those orders, before being set free in the coming days.

This time around, Remy Ma wasn’t remotely close to the “crime scene” when tempers flared between Brittney Taylor and another woman (with an undisclosed identity) on Friday morning. As per TMZ, the ensuing melee became physical once Brittney scratched the opposing figure somewhere on her body.

The catfighting fizzled out soon after, only to resurface once the two women crossed paths a second time, in the very same apartment complex. Taylor had initially opted for a second elevator to evade pursuit – yet in their second meeting it would appear as though Taylor was once again the physical aggressor, as she reportedly snatched the woman’s cell phone, the flung it against her forehead, in that particular order. 

At this point, Taylor is believed to have sought refuge in her apartment, where the NYPD ultimately found her captive and culpable of assault and aggravated harassment. The Love & Hip-Hop was transported to a holding cell where she remained for a short while, before being released without bail. According to reality her attorney Sanford Rubenstein, Taylor must present herself in court next month, as a consequence of the melee.