Considering he gave away a camouflage whip to the winner of his challenge a few months ago, it’s only right for Young Dolph to have a bunch of flashy cars in his own driveway. The man makes a lot of money on a yearly basis and he can afford just about any vehicle he wants. There’s one thing that Dolph needs for his whip though and that’s a fresh camouflage paint job. He’ll settle for all black but his preference is obviously camo, which you can see for yourself in his latest Instagram video. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The Memphis rapper posted a video of himself going crazy over all his cars, parking them neatly in the driveway and going off in his house. Can somebody please tell me why the fuck my driveway look like this!?” shouted Dolph from the balcony. He tried to show all the cars, including the ones in the garage, but he has too many to clearly highlight. Among the collection are a couple of Rolls-Royces, a Lamborghini, a pick-up truck, and more. In the caption, he compared his collection to somebody like Master P or Birdman in 2001.

This isn’t the first time Dolph has taken to social media to brag about his cars. Last summer, he singled out the camo Rolls-Royce before launching a challenge to give away a camo Hellcat. What’s your favourite car in his collection?