Long-time independent Maryland rapper, IDK, has announced a partnership between Warner Records and his own, new label, Clue.

For IDK, the deal is about becoming a “global star,” and expanding his career, “I like to look at myself as an Akon. I’m gonna have my hits and I’m gonna be a global star, but I’m also gonna find my Lady Gaga and my T-Pain.”

If you open Clue’s website, you will immediately be met with a blue thumbprint, explained by IDK as “The thumbprint [represents] finding your identity. I want to find artists who are still trying to figure out their identity, help brand them, and help create their world based off who they actually are, then help break them with their music.”

In their announcement, Warner Records followed a similar theme, emphasizing IDK’s eclectic talents, “To call him just a rapper is not doing him justice. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His lyrical prowess is unmatched, his ideas and vision are wildly creative, he’s doing things his way, and he’s making impactful and controversial statements with his music that challenge the way we look at the world. Tom Corson and I are thrilled to welcome him to the growing roster of exciting artists at Warner Records.”

For now, IDK is the only artist listed on Clue, but fans are able to purchase merch.