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Earlier this month, Nike tapped Undercover designer Jun Takahashi to give his artful touch to the brand’s newly reintroduced Daybreak sneaker. He gave the shoe a weird-but-cool heel clip, a speckled midsole, and mix of different materials on the upper. The end result has been beloved by advanced sneakerheads, but might feel a bit left-of-center for those who prefer a simple pair of kicks. Now, the Swoosh is dropping the sneaker without the avant-garde details and in three extremely wearable colorways.

The Daybreak originally debuted back in the late-1980s, a sporty and straightforward silhouette made from a nylon and suede upper with a waffle-bottom sole. Now, some 30 years later, the Swoosh has brought the style back with modern updates—and in several striking colors, too. Back in the day, the sneaker was known for its distinctive colorways, and that tradition is still very much at play: the Takahashi-designed Daybreaks skewed more monochromatic; these new styles are anything but that. There’s a tan-and-gold sneaker with fluorescent orange logo, a black-and-silver style with a deep purple, and a more low-key option that is white and red. That exact mix of bright colors and runner-esque silhouette makes for winning combo—especially during a time when guys can’t get enough of loud and retro kicks.

This move we are seeing here is straight from Nike’s playbook: Reintroduce a sneaker via a collaboration with a buzzy, beloved designer. Then, a few weeks later, open it up to a slightly wider release with a more broadly appealing design. Only time will tell if the Daybreak will surge in popularity like Nike’s React Element 87, but between the bold colors and throwback silhouette, it seems very likely that the Swoosh has another hit sneaker on deck.

Nike Daybreak ‘White/University Red’

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Article written by Tyler Watamanuk #GQ