Last month, Wendy Williams‘ son was arrested for punching his father in the face after Wendy served her estranged husband with divorce papers after he got his mistress pregnant. Clearly, Keving Jr. was all kinds of pissed at his dad for his cheating behavior and now Page Six got its hands on the offical police report, that details exactly what went down. 

 Larry Busacca/Getty Images 

According to the heavily redacted report, once the officer arrived at the scene he had to break the men up. “I then was told by [redacted] who stated that [redacted] hit [redacted] and caused [redacted] to start bleeding,” the officer wrote. “[Redacted] stated that Hunter Jr. and [redacted] were involved in a verbal altercation and when [redacted] confronted [redacted] about being called ‘a bitch,’ when [redacted] struck [redacted] with a closed fist to the face. [Redacted] denied striking Hunter Jr. and reported that [redacted] only wrestled with [redacted] after being struck in the face.”

The documents further detail how Kevin Jr. admitted to calling his father a bitch which made his father approach him and point his fingers in his face which sparked Kevin Jr to push him, which led to them wrestling on the ground. Kevin Jr. called Wendy after police arrived and he had no signs of injury or pain. 

As we’ve recently posted, Kevin Jr. is still riding with his mom and has yet to mend things with his father.