Last Thursday, the New York Knicks attempted to brighten their future as they took Duke’s RJ Barrett with the third overall pick in the draft. Unlike most players these days, Barrett actually seems happy to be playing in New York despite the franchise being one of the league’s worst over the past few decades. The Knicks have the potential to improve in free agency and with Barrett on the roster, they have a huge opportunity to make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

One of the people who was happy with the Knicks draft pick was superfan Spike Lee who was actually on hand for the draft. Lee recently did an interview where he likened Barrett to Michael Jordan as they were both third overall draft picks.

“We got the guy we need,” Lee said via Mike Vurkonov of The Athletic. “After I got over not getting Zion. That took a week. Look, you never know. People forget, Michael Jordan was the third pick so you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Comparing Barrett to Jordan might be a little heavy-handed but considering all the heartbreak Lee has gone through with this team, we should let him hope and dream. If the Knicks end up with Kevin Durant and somehow even Kyrie Irving, we’re sure Lee will be jumping off the walls in jubilation.