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When it comes to the NBA Draft class of 2019, there’s no bigger name than Zion Williamson. The number one overall pick is set to make his debut with the New Orleans Pelicans later this year and the next big shoe to drop (pun intended) will be when he announces what sneaker brand he’ll be signing with. 

All signs would point to Nike as it’s the brand he’s worn throughout his college career and the one that would have the most to lose by not making a massive bid on him. Despite the sneaker blowout heard round the world, Williamson was still spotted in his modified Nike Kyries during rookie photoshoots

But what about the other basketball brand within the Nike umbrella? Jordan Brand recently announced the addition of Jayson Tatum, the brand’s only NBA player on its roster under 25 years old, and may be exploring the possibility of bringing younger NBA players into the family. We caught up with some Jumpman team members to get their thoughts on what a Zion Williamson sneaker deal would mean for the brand.

Article written by Gerald Flores #SoleCollector