Earlier in the day, we reported that Chicago-born Famous Dex had posted a terrifying photo on his social pages, along with an even more troubling caption that got his peers worriedly reaching out in support. The rapper shared an image of himself with blood on his arms and visible cuts, as he was seated with a towel around his waist. From the withdrawn and glazed over look of his eyes, he appeared to have been crying, and his worrisome caption read: “killing Myself.” The shocking post generated a flood of concerned comments from fans and fellow artists alike, with Offset taking to reaching out in an emotional plea to potentially save his fellow musician. “U a man of God my boy pray u got kids dawg they need ya,” the Migos artist wrote.

Now, Dex is back with another bloody picture, this time though, he’s lying in a bathtub spilling over with blood, and the shower hose wrapped around his neck, as he’s seemingly completed the task. Fear not though, as Dex is still clearly alive and kicking, even captioning the photo with “don’t Cry Nooooooo, The Wave Killer 💉🌷💕🖇🌸🎀🔗🔗⚙️.” If it’s not pretty obvious to you until now, it seems to be that Dex is in the process of filming a music video, most probably one that revolves around the gory theme of taking your own life. A pair of feet can be seen in the photo behind the tub which houses Dex, as well as someone holding a video camera in the bottom left hand corner, which is all the confirmation we need to confirm that the dramatic scare was just a publicity ploy for his video in the works.