Yo Gotti just lost out a major appeal recently when a judge refused to have his $6.6 million dollar judgment vacated on Monday. Not long ago, we reported on Yo Gotti getting slapped with a $6.6 million dollar judgment after blowing off a collaboration. Initially, the rapper allegedly received $20K to rap on Young Fletcher’s track in 2016, but later refused to have the track released. It was later revealed that he had recorded a similar verse for a separate song. Additionally, Gotti reportedly tried to go behind Fletcher’s manager’s back in an attempt to sign the artist to his own label for $150K. The sneaky moves did not work in Gotti’s favor because he was slapped with a lawsuit onstage. The judge issued a $2.2M judgment at first, but the number tripled because of Gotti’s “willful, unfair, and deceptive acts.” 

As a response, the rapper appeared in a Winston-Salem courtroom to defend himself, alleging that he was not properly informed of the case which is why he was unable to fight for it. A sergeant with the same court testified that Gotti was served the papers during a local show, but Gotti admitted the papers were intercepted by a security guard and not him. Either way, the guard testified earlier this week and the court judge was not swayed by any of it. As such, he upheld his original judgment. The latter will create quite the hole in Gotti’s pockets.