Lionel Messi is one of the biggest athletes in the world and is considered the best soccer player in the world, right next to Cristiano Ronaldo. Like most people out there, the Argentinian star has a doppelganger except this particular lookalike is actually famous for his appearance. Reza Parastesh has been dubbed the “Iranian Messi” and recently, he was accused of something pretty heinous. Earlier this week, Spanish publication Marca reported that Parastesh was being sued by 23 women for telling them he was Messi in order to sleep with them. 

Parastesh has since taken to Instagram to deny the allegations against him saying that he would never do such a thing.

“Hi friends, a piece of false news about me is trending on social media with regards to me sleeping with 23 women because they thought I was Lionel Messi. Please do not play with people’s reputation and credibility,” Parastesh said. “We are all aware of the fact that if it actually happened to anyone, there would be some complaints and it would lead to my prosecution. That would be a disaster and a calamity of international proportion. If this news was true, I would be in jail right now.”

In some countries, the alleged crime can be considered “rape by deception” which adds a heavy dose of seriousness to these accusations. Parastesh explained that he’s been attacked on Twitter for these allegations and that even some of his own family members have turned against him.