An alleged sex tape showing R. Kelly engaging in sex acts with a minor has been turned over to his defense team. Cook County prosecutors handed over the DVD to the singer’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg. The Chicago Sun Times reports that he was later warned by Judge Lawrence Flood not to leak the tape to the public. Judge Lawrence also said that he wanted atleast one of the four cases against Kelly to go to trial “early next year.”

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Michael Avenatti was the lawyer who turned over the tapes to the prosecutors initially. Greenberg quickly argued after that the footage was reportedly from a VHS tape that was initially given to the prosecutors. “I don’t know if the state is going to do anything about the dissemination (of the video) that took place before these charges by their witnesses,” Greenberg said. Greenberg also said he believes that the footage is the same video that was played for jurors in Kelly’s 2008 trial.

Avenatti later responded to Greenberg’s claims on Twitter and denied that the tape he turned over to prosecutors at the top of the year wasn’t the one that from the 2008 trial.

“This was an absolute lie. The tape we provided clearly depicts R Kelly engaged in sexual assault of a 14 year old girl. There is no question it is him. And both he and the girl acknowledge her age on the tape. R Kelly is a serial sexual predator and he will be convicted,” he wrote.