It’s turning out to be quite a good day for Chris Brown. On the eve of the release of his upcoming project, Indigo, Breezy’s received some good news on the legal side. Earlier today, we reported that he reached a settlement with his former manager who accused Chris Brown of assault and false imprisonment. While the latest suit that’s been dropped doesn’t actually name him as a defendant, his name is now cleared entirely from that particular case.

Ser Baffo/Getty Images

According to the Blast, the woman who sued 1Oak over a shooting that involved Chris Brown and Suge Knight has dropped her claims against the nightclub. Court documents revealed that she dismissed her claims against 1Oak over the 2015 shooting. The woman, Amanda Miller, initially sued Chris Brown over the incident but also dropped that case against him.

She initially argued that Brown “was and is known to associate with known criminals and/or gang members, and events where he has entertained in the past have been attended by known gang members and marked by violence and gang activity.” Adding that the club, “had a duty to provide adequate ‘security’ to ensure those entering the event were not carrying weapons and that known gang members and/or their affiliates would not be allowed to enter the event.”

She later argued that Suge Knight shouldn’t have been allowed inside of the club due to previous instances of violence and other gang related activity surrounding Knight and his associates.”