With Summer days now officially here, people are looking to up-the-ante in terms of their wardrobe, and what better to make a statement with your fit, than by incorporating some dope accessories to set yourself apart from the crowd? If there’s one Summer staple in terms of accessories, it’s most definitely a hat. Though caps are most often the hat of choice for most people, why restrict yourself to one style? For those looking for something a little more unique, and eye-catching than just your standard cap or snapback, I introduce to you: the visor. A visor is basically a cap, but with the top part missing, which means you won’t have to compromise a good hair day to make a statement. And one such company that is known for its extensive visor style headwear options is Gucci.

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Adding to their collection, Gucci has put together another take on the unique hat, this time, centering around its signature colors. Crafted in Italy, the latest Ribbed Knit Visor Hat is created from wool and features a ribbed knit weave headband in a mix of deep red and green. To block out that Summer sun, a 3-inch vinyl brim in bright red is attached to the front of the visor. Finally, a green leather trim adds an extra touch of luxury, and frames the unique brim. Priced at $350 USD, Gucci’s Ribbed Knit Visor Hat is available now at LN-CC.