Another interesting story about the late Tupac. In the mid-90s, comedian Guy Torry and Tupac Shakur became great friends. In fact, one of the loudest voices in Torry’s ear about pursuing comedy seriously was Tupac Shakur. And despite Shakur’s imminent legend status, Guy recalls a moment when he avoided Pac altogether out of fear that his affiliation to the rapper would tarnish his image or bring forth bad attention. Between the diss records and controversial magazine covers, Guy Torry began slowly stepping away from his friend Tupac. Precisely in the wake of a planned night out with the late Hip Hop icon, Guy recalls fearing hanging out with Tupac.

“At that time I remembered ‘wait a minute. We’re at the height of the East Coast/West Coast drama. He was driving a cream-colored, drop-top Rolls Royce and I was like ‘I don’t know if I wanna be ridin’ around with Tupac at like midnight in L.A. at the height of the East/West drama so I had a little pager and I faked like a girl paged me,” Guy recalled. “I was like ‘oh, I forgot, I got this little shorty waiting outside my crib, and he was like ‘go handle that. Where is that spot at?’ I told him where the spot was and I was like ‘Whooo! Dodged a bullet.”