Despite being on his way to another #1 album with Indigo, Chris Brown has been having to deal with some backlash this weekend. On the new Lil Wayne & Joyner Lucas-featured song “Need A Stack,” Chris raps about only liking black girls with “nice hair,” and that didn’t sit well with some of the ladies.

“Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all on that pussy, put it right there/ Only wanna fuck the black bitches with the nice hair,” Chris spits on the song. After hearing this, several ladies have taken to social media to call Chris out and ask him what he meant by that, but he’s not backing down. In fact, Chris is sticking by his lyrics and comparing it to how girls want men with good teeth.

In the comment section of a g.o.o.d_vybez post, Chris was spotted laughing the situation off, before saying the only people upset are the “uglies.” “Yall tripping trippin. Y’all bitches don’t wanna fuck da nigga wit da fucked up teeth do you??? Only bitches upset is the uglies (not the black queens)” he wrote while sharing a laughing face emoji.

 Check out Chris’ comments (below) courtesy of TheShadeRoom and let us know what you think. Is Chris too harsh or is he right here?