It’s pretty rare for Drake to jump in the comment sections of those trashing him or even just commenting on his business and music moves. Considering his success and stance in the industry it’s safe to say the “Money In The Grave” rapper simply doesn’t have the time to shew away naysayers but the music maker had a minute earlier today when he responded to a user who claimed he’s trying to be “tough.”

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

An image was shared to Instagram that shows Drake on the cover of a newspaper with a very large headline that reads: “Drake Is No Angel.” As the byline goes, cops are worried about the influence the rapper’s choice of apparel may do since he’s rocking a Hells Angels hoodie. The article on the matter was published in The Province newspaper and received a few comments from social media users alleging they can see behind Drake’s exterior. 

“Drake wants to appear tough by all means. He even liked [sic],” a user who goes by @fairyhairandbeauty wrote. Drake surprisingly responded, writing: “you sell silicon mix for damaged and dry roots…” The user has since gone private on Instagram from what we can assume is due to a lot of traffic to their page.  

Peep the comment below.