Both Twitter and Instagram have experienced some outages today. And social media always has a knack for offering the perfection reactions to all situations. As such, Twitter users have made light of the situation and proved that great minds think alike by spreading the same joke across the platform. Twitter’s direct message system is currently down and most have barely noticed. Why? You may wonder. Because they were never getting any DMs in the first place. A series of memes, comments, and videos have surfaced across the 150-character allowing platform wherein users tied the lack of DMs to the non-existence of their dating life. The self-deprecating joke spread like wildfire and users have been having a lot of fun with it all day. “When Twitter DMs down, but nobody dm you anyway,” was shared by one user, who has since received over 20K retweets on the post.

Other similar jokes include “me pretending to notice Twitter DMs are down as if anyone acc slides in.” Others used good old sarcasm to emphasize their point, noting that they knew Twitter DMs were down (sic.) Others used the social media outages to throw shots at other less-used platforms like G Chat. “G Chat, it’s your time to shine,” said a user who was also granted several likes. Check out the tweets below.