Kehlani shared a special moment with her daughter yesterday, celebrating Adeya Nomi’s first Fourth of July. The three-month-old was welcomed via a home birth and since then, the “Honey” singer has been sharing all kinds of special updates with her newborn from picnics in the park to her cute bath sessions. 

The latest Fourth of July image adds to the collection of images and is just as cute since it sees Kehlani holding her little one as they look onwards into the sky with the colourful lights sparkling. 

Just before welcoming Adeya into the world, Kehlani reflected on being pregnant while recording her last project While We WaitThe 24-year-old detailed how everything “felt more mature” to her since she no longer had a “young-minded perspective.” 

“There were moments in writing [“While We Wait”] where I’d be like, “Oh, I feel like such a mom saying this” or “This is so funny, because this is so different from 19-year-old Kehlani’s perspective or the perspective I had on ‘SweetSexySavage,’” she told LA Times. “I think motherhood just changes you all around, so I think it definitely will carry out in all of my artistic projects.”