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Justin Verlander

David J. Phillip / AP

Houston Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander throws against the Los Angeles Angels during the first inning of a baseball game Friday, July 5, 2019, in Houston.

The sixth season of the annual Play of the Day betting competition between the Sun’s sports staff is now underway, effective July 1.

Bankrolls start at $10,000 for each of the four participants, with the objective to increase it as much as possible over the next year. The minimum daily wager is $300, with a $200 penalty assessed for failing to place a bet on an assigned day.

Past winners are Case Keefer in 2018-19 and 2017-2018, Ray Brewer in 2016-2017 and 2015-2016, and Taylor Bern in 2014-2015.

MLB all-star game, Total Over 8.5 at minus-110, $440 to win $400: Justin Verlander, the starter for the American League in tonight’s All-Star Game, proclaimed on Monday that MLB is juicing baseballs and turning the game into “a joke” with record-setting offense.

His theory: MLB has a desire for more offense in an attempt to attract a younger audience. It also owns ball-manufacturing company Rawlings. Rawlings, under orders from MLB, is producing “juiced ball,” or balls that are flying out of stadiums across the league in record numbers.

That brings us to today’s MLB All-Star Game, a night where all interested eyes will be on the sport’s biggest and brightest stars. The league, of course, will what to put on a show. Look for the type of offensive display that has the veteran Velander, who has given up a league-high 26 home runs this season, referring to the game as a “joke.”

Current Standings: Grimala (1-0, $10,000), Brewer (0-0, $10,000), Emerson (0-1, $9,500), Keefer (1-2, $8,520)

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Article written by #LasVegasSun