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Nike newest initiative, Sport Changes Everything, is making it easier than ever to help provide sports to the youth in communities across the country. This summer, shoppers at U.S. Nike stores can choose to donate $1 to various organizations including Marathon Kids, Girls Inc., and PeacePlayers.

The donations are just one part of the Sport Changes Everything campaign. From July 11 to July 13, Nike is also encouraging local communities to promote physical activity. Go Play Day will feature hubs set up in various locations throughout major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago for kids to participate in various athletic activities. The sportswear brand has also committed to refurbishing areas like basketball courts and soccer fields around New York City. 

One of Nike’s other efforts is helping to improve volunteer youth coaching for various sports. More specifically, it will host the Chicago Legacy Summit on August 24, and continue its rollout of the How to Coach Kids digital training platform that is accessible via any smart device as well.

Check out more details about Nike’s Sport Changes Everything 2019 campaign here.

Article written by Mike DeStefano #SoleCollector