For the most part, people are riding with A$AP Rocky in the midst of his legal battle in Sweden. The rapper’s currently detained by authorities for his involvement in an altercation with a few men who harassed him and his crew on the street. A petition was launched for his freedom earlier this week but The Read podcast co-host Crissle brought up an old quote of Rocky’s around the time of Ferguson. “I thought of this when I heard about ASAP Rocky‘s situation in Sweden,” she wrote along with a screenshot of the quote.

Earlier today, Joe Budden went on his podcast to blast Crissle for bringing up that tweet in the first place which caused a whole lot of commotion on Twitter. He referred to Crissles as “that nasty ass bum ass homegirl” before explaining that he didn’t think it was the right time to bring up the quote. 

“That’s so nasty on Twitter,” he said. “I seen her put it out. It’s just like, you niggas that be preaching this pro black shit but get evil in a heartbeat,” he continued before condemning Rocky’s initial comments. 

Crissles caught wind of the comments and responded by saying Budden should be glad that she paved the way for him to get into the podcasting world. It seems like things have simmered down since but we’ll see if he ends up addressing the feud on his next podcast.