It seems as though the Dominican Republic has been getting a bad reputation lately and none other than Cardi B was quick to kill the rumours of the country that’s half of her bloodline. “What I do know is that the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful country, and everyone has fun there,” Cardi B explained in Spanish in a previous post to Instagram. “Even poor people have fun. So it hurts me a lot when people say ‘that country is bad. That country is this and that.’”

David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

Vin Diesel has followed up with some of the same sentiments with a recent video he shared to his Instagram story where the actor details how privileged he feels to have traveled the world to film movies. After listing off some of his most memorable stops he finally got to the Dominican and stops to defend what any naysayers have said about the Caribbean country.

“Never let anyone tell you that people in the Dominican Republic aren’t magical wonderful people,” Vin said in the video, as seen below. “I love that country and I will always love that country.” Vin filmed the clip while in London, working on the next offering of a Fast and Furious film that will now feature newcomer, John Cena.