At this point, if Diddy wants to revive Making The Band, he might as well make it some sort of reunion edition. After the hip hop mogul asked his followers whether or not he should return with yet another installment of the music-making series, Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day called out her former boss. “You had making the band because of US!” she wrote. “Dare you to bring the true STARS back and show you can FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.

She isn’t the only person impacted by the show who wants to get a piece of the pie. TMZ chatted with Day26, the R&B group who won Making the Band 4 back in 2007. Member Willie Taylor said that because the group is still working together as a whole, they’d make for a great addition to a reboot. “I can’t speak for Donnie [Klang] or Danity Kane, but I know Day26 is still…we’re actually preparing to tour in October and November of this year,” Taylor stated. “We’re still out here making music and making moves. Our part of it is secure enough to be able to come back to the show. I know [Danity Kane] is still working, as well. It’s not all five members, but they’re still working. If you grab those working components and bring it to the show it would be a good idea.”

Taylor also said that another concept he’d be open to is everyone—Day26, Danity Kane, Donnie Klang, and Da Band—returning for a “Where Are They Now?” series, but he believes Diddy has another vision. “I don’t believe that’s what this is,” he said. “I think this right here is where they wanna see new talent coming and really battle for a spot in a group. I think for that we would be perfect for being mentors or even big brothers in the situation.” Member Qwanell Mosley co-signed that last thought and said if Diddy brings the show back but doesn’t feature Day26 as mentors, fans will be greatly disappointed. Are you looking forward to that Day26 tour in the Fall?