During a ceremonial press conference in which the Lakers’ bestowed the no. 3 to an excitable Anthony Davis, the perennial All-Star spoke of his team’s title hopes leading into next season. Within the realm of professional basketball, brash overconfidence can lend itself positively under the right circumstances. For a revamped Lakers’ short on success in recent times, said overconfidence might come in handy, especially if AD gets enough touches of the ball.

At a most opportune moment during the presser, Davis proclaimed that his new, the Los Angeles Lakers, were now a proverbial Apex predator in this new-look NBA..”I would put our roster up against anybody,” Davis said. “I feel like that in a seven-game series that we would come out victorious.”

And to be fair, you can’t fault him for making such a declaration. With Boogie Cousins signing on to form an imposing twin-tower tandem with AD, the Lakers have certainly improved in overall quality, despite losing much of their depth in the Pelicans’ trade. Soon thereafter, the affable Rob Pelinka joined Davis on stage in singing his praises.

“What we think about Anthony Davis is this: There’s no more complete basketball player in the game,” Pelinka said. “There is nothing he can’t do. He can shoot. He can make plays. He can defend 1 through 5. He can protect the rim. He can handle the ball. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled.”

With all that said, where do you rank the Lakers on the NBA Ladder, now that they’ve added Danny Green, AD, Cousins, and retained Rajon Rondo going into next season? Moreover, who’s the better of the two LA franchises, hit us with your thoughts?