Iggy Azalea has proven time and time over that she knows how to handle the online trolls that come her way. From the haters who claimed she’s with her boyfriend (or fiance?) Playboi Carti for his money to the unnamed individuals she aired out on Twitter or trying to hold her back, the “Black Widow” rapper knows how to hold her ground. Every now and then though, Iggy can come through to joke about herself and has recently done the latter when a Twitter user shared altered images of her, depicting how she’ll look at 80-years-old. 

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

“So pretty even when you’re 80! Omg,” the user captioned the trio of images of Iggy looking much older, obviously edited. Iggy responded with some humour of her own, writing: “Who are we kidding, I’m white. We age like milk, this is me at 50. 😂😭”

Elsewhere in the tweets of Iggy, she continued the conversation of age admitting that she gets nervous when someone asks her to guess their age. “I get so stressed whenever anyone I’ve just met asks me: “How old do you think Iam?” Cause I never know if you’re 40 or life’s just been unkind,” she wrote, adding her go-to response: “I just go way younger than I think. If I think you’re 70 I’m saying 55.”