Prosecutors are hoping that this most recent arrest of R. Kelly will be the end of the Pied Piper as we know it. Just days ago, Kelly was taken into custody on 13 new federal charges that are embroiled in scandal. Investigators claim that there are nearly two dozen tapes that show the 52-year-old singer engaging in sexual acts with children, and there are allegations that he intimidated and paid off witnesses in his 2018 child pornography case in which he was acquitted. 

Following the arrest, there has been much speculation into his life with his girlfriends, some reports refer to them as his “sex slaves,” Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. The two young women have vocally supported Kelly during the Surviving R. Kelly documentary and previous arrest earlier this year. There were reports that the ladies were asked to vacate the Trump Tower in Chicago, the residence that they called home with the singer. Savage and Clary created a video to debunk those claims and stated that they haven’t been asked to go anywhere. 

TMZ is reporting that the women were also responsible for helping Kelly balance the books when he made certain business moves, and for their receptionist skills, they were paid a weekly fee. However, Kelly’s staff was reportedly in charge of handing over money to the women, and many of them cannot be foundTMZ is stating that the women are quickly running out of money, but they won’t have to worry about leaving their residence as of yet as it has been paid for until the end of the year.