Kanye West is eagerly looking to have a judge drop the lawsuit from Japanese fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co. who is suing the rapper for using his celebrity status to defraud their company. According to the company, Kanye put in a large order of supplies for his Yeezy sneakers but didn’t deliver on the payment of $624K. Kanye alleged that it was the company that didn’t deliver on their work.

The Blast now reports that the “30 Hours” music maker is looking to get the case dismissed immediately, detailing how he’s never spoken to anyone at Toki Sen-I Co. “Important, there are zero contracts or commissions alleged between Plaintiff and Mr. West, either before, after, or during the subject transaction,” he added in legal documents.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images 

Toki Sen-I Co. believes Kanye and his shoe company are operating as a “sham” but Kanye’s still standing behind his motive of his plaintiff not delivering on their work. Toki Sen-I Co. previously stated how they went right to work when Kanye put in his order, considering how well-known he is. Unfortunately, it looks like the no signing of a contract has come back to haunt them.  

“Plaintiff never delivered the allegedly contracted- for product, and Yeezy Apparel allegedly did not pay the full price for that undelivered product. Despite being a basic business dispute between companies, Plaintiff needlessly inflates this case into a 4-count complaint under both tort and contract theories, baselessly including the celebrity member of Yeezy Apparel (Mr. West).” 

The case is still ongoing.