Now that James Harden has been in Houston for a while as a member of the Rockets, it’s clear that he is invested in the city and everything it has to offer. Over the past couple of weeks, Harden has been showing us just how much he loves soccer which is a good thing because Houston boasts two professional soccer teams in the Houston Dynamo and the Dash. Today, Harden took to Twitter with an interesting video which showed his name on the back of a Dynamo jersey. It was then revealed by Houston radio station KBXX 97.9 The Box, that Harden is now part of the ownership group for both the Dynamo and the Dash.

Harden is beloved in Houston thanks to everything he has done with the Rockets so it only makes sense for him to give back in such a way. Major League Soccer is on the rise in the United States and moving forward, Harden could stand to make a lot of money. It’s unclear how much money he has invested at the moment but either way, it’s cool to see an NBA player involved in another sport like this.

LeBron James made a similar move except on a grander scale as he owns a part of Liverpool FC.