After issuing a 1-minute teaser for Star Trek Picard in the month of May, CBS has released what is ostensibly the first “official” trailer for the spinoff series. The television network was wise to save the trailer’s unveiling for San Diego Comic-Con, as you wouldn’t want to show up to a convention empty-handed for fear of being overlooked by the tastemakers.

As reported in the Springtime, Star Trek Picard is slated to debut early next year on streaming services (as licensed by CBS). As you’ll see, Captain Jean Luc isn’t left to wander alone in the spinoff – as a host of Star Trek: The Next Generation regulars such as Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner will join him in a lesser-role, as will Jonathan Del Arco, the actor who played Hugh – the Borg who threatened to defect from the hive in TNG’s 5th season.

Another Borg character was confirmed for the Picard spinoff: “Seven of Nine” portrayed by Jeri Ryan in the final four seasons of Star Trek Voyager. She is widely considered the “femme fatale” by which all cybernetic beings are compared.

Last but not least, CBS confirmed (at Comic-Con) the presence of the iconic “Tribbles” in a more murderous form this go-around. If you’ll recall, the “Tribbles” were introduced during an early Star Trek episode in the 60s as the Furby-like creature that created an infestation aboard the Enterprise. Check out the trailer (above) and hit us with your thoughts.