Machine Gun Kelly has just come off the release of his album Hotel Diablo and to celebrate, he was recently on the cover of GQ Hype where he talked about a plethora of issues surrounding his career. Kelly opened up during the interview and told a bunch of stories from the road, including the time he got hit by a bus while overseas. It’s a pretty riveting story that will surely have you looking both ways next time you cross the street.

“So on May 11, 2013, I was walking across the street, freshly landed in Manchester. I was going to see if anyone had some weed. I do the one mistake that every foreign guy does: crossing the street looking the wrong way. This double-decker bus hit me so hard,” Kelly explained. “My face was the first thing to get hit. All I remember is waking up and everyone screaming. I get up, my jeans are ripped. Everything is ripped. I go to the hospital and there’s nothing wrong. They did three MRIs, a CAT scan, all this stuff. The whole window of the double-decker was shattered. They were like, ‘There’s no way you got hit like that and there’s no internal bleeding or anything.”

The rapper also talked about drug use and the narcotic he would never try again. His answer to this question may actually surprise you.

“Opana. It’s like heroin,” he said. “We snorted it. It was so dark. I’d never recommend it to anybody. One: it’s absolutely addictive. Two: to be addicted and to want that feeling over and over again… I’m not a person who goes down and then has a rush of positivity to bring themselves back up.”

Hopefully moving forward, Kelly can stay safe out there.