It’s been a quiet few years for Big Sean. The artist planned on touring last year but he decided to scrap his dates in favour of working in the studio on his latest creation. Over twelve months have passed since the rapper decided to begin a new body of work and we still have not gotten any official news on the project. Still, his fans wait patiently for it to arrive as Sean Don remains away from the noise of social media. Overnight, he returned to Instagram for the first time since May, updating supporters on his personal progress in the gym, showing off his guns and proving that he’s been putting major work in.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Big Sean may not have been referring to his muscles when he came up with his stage name (pause) but it can now apply to the work he’s been putting in on his biceps. Sporting a vintage Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt, the Detroit spitter crossed his arms and confidently smiled while at a photoshoot, enjoying some time behind-the-scenes. He rolled up his sleeves to make sure everybody took notice of just how much time he’s been spending with his heavy weights, teasing his female fans with a more vascular look. While we’re sure he’s been getting some music done (he’s got to be at the photoshoot for a reason, after all), this proves that he’s found other ways to be productive with his time.

Check out Sean Don’s new physique and stay tuned for any potential music announcements from him.