There has been this weird feud between Blac Chyna and her mother, which has seemingly lasted years. Tokyo Toni, the woman who gave birth to former adult dancer, has been begging to see her grandchildren Dream and King Cairo but Chyna does not seem to be interested in letting Toni into their lives. The feud made its way to reality television and Wendy Williams‘ talk show when Chyna was a guest, speaking about how she’s been trying to repair her relationship with her mother. When those plans failed, Wendy brought the subject up again during her Hot Topics segment and Tokyo Toni was not impressed.

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

“Wendy, I’ma tell you this. Don’t mention my motherfucking name again, or I’m gonna talk about your shit,” warned Toni in a viral live stream before calling out Wendy for her alleged cocaine habit and threatening to smack her face off. Blac Chyna has just responded to the drama between her close friend Williams and her mother by choosing sides, partying with the famed television personality for her birthday.

While Chyna didn’t exactly shade her mother directly, she is offering a subtle slap in the face to her, reminding her that she has no place attacking her friends online. At this point, the feud between Wendy, Toni and Chyna probably isn’t ending anytime soon.