R. Kelly‘s whole life began to really crumble in front of our very eyes at the beginning of the year when Lifetime released Surviving R. Kelly. The allegations weren’t new but it did result in the singer’s legal issues. The docuseries itself was a hit on Lifetime and earned it the award for Best Documentary at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Now, they’re plotting on its follow-up docuseries which is set to focus on the demise of Jeffrey Epstein.

 Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

If you haven’t heard by now, Jeffrey Epstein is on the registered sex offender. That’s old news though as he was previously convicted of soliciting a person under the age of eighteen for prostitution. Epstein, whose friends include Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, was arrested at the beginning of the month on federal sex trafficking charges. Variety reports, Lifetime plans on exploring Epstein’s story in the upcoming docuseries but they haven’t announced many other details surrounding the docuseries. Considering how impactful Surviving R. Kelly was, it’ll be interesting to see if Lifetime will be able to live up to the expectation. 

Aside from the Epstein doc, Lifetime’s also working on Surviving R. Kelly: The Aftermath which will be produced by dream hampton. Additionally, Lifetime announced that they’re working on a new TV movie surrounding the college admissions scandal that took over headlines earlier this year.