LaMelo Ball is the youngest son of the infamous LaVar Ball and in just a couple of weeks, he will be drafted into the NBA. For much of the pre-draft cycle, it was conventional wisdom that Ball would end up in the top 5 and could even go number one to the Minnesota Timberwolves. With the draft just a few days away, it seems like his draft spot could ultimately slip away as now, teams like the Detroit Pistons believe they have a chance at the young star.

According to ESPN, the Pistons are hoping to interview LaMelo and are quite impressed with him thus far. Meanwhile, Hornets reporter Rick Bonnell recently revealed that some teams were disappointed with LaMelo’s team interviews and that it could cause him to fall to seventh overall, where the Pistons will be drafting.

LaMelo Ball

Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

“Here is what I’m hearing from the league at large: LaMelo Ball is not performing very well at job interviews,” Bonnell said. “I’ve heard that from multiple sources. He is not improving his perception via job interview. There are people drafting later in the top ten who were not preparing for the possibility of Ball still being around. And I’m not saying that he will not be a top-three pick. I am saying that I know for a fact that there are teams later in the top ten who are doing more research on him, because they no longer think it’s a given he will.”

LaVar Ball recently revealed that he would want LaMelo to either go to the Piston or the Knicks, who draft eighth. Based on these latest reports, such an outcome could very well be a possibility.