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Derek Wise and 88Camino are the two artists that form to create the Toronto hip-hop duo that is known as 88GLAM. These two have come through with some pretty consistent releases over the years and their two blends of styles always deliver music that is diverse in nature. Back in June, they came through on a project called New Mania, and now, they are back with a new track called “East To West.”

This track has that typical 88GLAM feel to it as we get a nice hypnotic and uptempo beat, all while Wise and Camino provide their signature vocal ranges. The track involves some flexing here and there as they both try to impress a woman with their status.

Check out the song below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

My baby textin’ me (Yeah) while she next to me (Yeah)
How well you know your bitch? “She would never cheat” (Yeah)
Is it just another game? You keep testin’ me (Yeah)
We do ketamine mixed with amphetamine (Yeah)

Article written by Alexander Cole #HotNewHipHop