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Kevin Gates has returned, this time coming through with an ode to exhibitionism in “Amsterdam,” a sensual single dedicated to “Rooftop Luv.” Over a slick guitar riff, Gates wastes little time in painting vivid pictures of his European sexcapades, clearly appreciating the more free-spirited overseas approach. “Naked on the balcony like ooh god damn,” he marvels. “She’s so beautiful on the roof getting slammed, everywhere we go she cause a traffic jam.”

As the verse kicks off, Gates reflects on some of his globetrotting adventures, taking a stopover in Paris to shop and seduce in no particular order. “Hey baby, wait for me, I need you to be my fantasy,” he raps. “Hit from the back, say parlez-vous Francais? She say ‘ou oui oui.'” Clearly, Kevin Gates is a man of culture, understanding the importance of spitting bilingual game. Yet it’s not always time for play — in the second verse, Gates shifts focus, reflecting on his responsibilities as a leader and father. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off — do you 


Came a long way out the trenches, but we turned up now
Family members in prison depending on me, I can’t pull down
Giving an order, manslaughter, hmm
Taking your head off, across the water, sipping some coffee
Pelican fly with my legs crossed
I’m on a boat, reading a book, reflecting, sipping some red wine

Article written by Mitch Findlay #HotNewHipHop