Though Gucci Mane has styled himself The Human Glacier, to the point where uttering “Burr” is one of his most crucial ad-libs, he’s not averse to turning up the heat when the need arises. As it happens, his imminent Verzuz duel with his old rival Jeezy, with who he once collaborated during simpler times, is set to transpire tonight.

Many have already been quick to fan the flames, with Guwop himself relishing in the reopening of old wounds, but for the most part, it feels like a good old fashioned bout of healthy competition. There even seems to be the slightest hint of mutual respect, even if it is of the begrudging sort. In any case, Gucci has been coming steadily with trash talk to spare, channeling the energy of a pre-fight Conor McGregor as he floods his timeline with anti-Jeezy propaganda. Most recently, he’s opted to share a crude yet effective animation depicting what he hopes will be his opponent’s fate.

Gucci Mane Jeezy Verzuz

 Barry Brecheisen/WireImage/Getty Images

Scored by the classic sound of “Lemonade,” the clip features a snowman melting under the unrelenting strength of Gucci Mane‘s shine. “I am my only competition,” he declares, upon fleeing the massacre in his trusty ice cream getaway truck. While it’s unclear how a human glacier is capable of producing such forceful heat, the ultimate message is made abundantly clear. For Gucci Mane, tonight’s Verzuz battle is going to be a walk in the park.

As of this moment, the HNHH community appears to disagree — our official prediction poll seems to give a significant edge to Jeezy, who currently holds sixty-one percent of the votes. Add your own voice to the tally right here, though time is of the essense. Any takers on whether “Truth” makes his setlist?