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IDK has been on a murderous tear of late, and today finds the rapper continuing his streak with the release of his new banger “2 Cents.” Off the bat, it’s clear that he’s holding nothing back, queuing up a frantic orchestral sample evocative of Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favorite and going from there. The unique nature of the beat is the perfect backdrop for a rapper of IDK’s versatility, and he quickly rises to the task and catches an unexpected pocket.

“Cute face, nice ass, but she’s schemin’ on the low,” he raps. “I just cut to the chase, ask her do you want the pole?” In some ways, his flow and cadence are reminiscent of vintage Kanye West, a comparison doubly fueled by their shared fondness of bawdy lyricism. But that’s not to say IDK is devoid of individuality — quite the opposite, in fact. Some could even argue that he’s among the biggest boundary-pushers, consistently taking daring risks on a musical level. Even here, what might have been a cliche in lesser hands finds new life in IDK’s capable grasp.

Check out “2 Cents” now, and sound off if you’re excited to see where he goes from here.


Cute face, nice ass, but she’s schemin’ on the low
I just cut to the chase, ask her, “Do you want the pole?”
New friends? No way, they be schemin’ for the dough
Ring the bell, I open up, see they face and close the door

Article written by Mitch Findlay #HotNewHipHop