Just about a month before the Presidential Election, President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Following his diagnosis, he was eventually admitted to the hospital where he was there for a short amount of time, before returning to the White House. Just about a month later, the President lost the election to Joe Biden, in the midst of COVID-19 flare-ups all across the country. Now, the virus is seemingly out of control as every single state is seeing an uptick in cases, all while over 2,000 people died in the United States as a result of the virus, yesterday.

Today, it was reported by The Hill that the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, has also been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, well over a month after his father had it.

Donald Trump Jr

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As it stands, Trump Jr. is currently at home in quarantine and is asymptomatic. The President’s son is also following the proper COVID-19 protocols and will be resting at home until a negative test is passed.

This is yet another blow to the Trump family and campaign as they currently deal with the fallout from the election. President Trump is currently looking to overturn the results, although for now, it doesn’t seem like he will be very successful. In the meantime, Trump will have to impart some wisdom on Don Jr. when it comes to battling the virus.