Joe Burrow has been a pleasure to watch so far in his rookie season as he has helped turn the Cincinnati Bengals into a competitive team, every single weekend. While they might not be winning very many games, Burrow has been nothing short of impressive, and Bengals fans are happy to have him out there. Unfortunately, the quarterback suffered what looked to be a major injury today while playing against the Washington Football Team.

As you can see in the clip below, Burrow goes back to pass and gets hit awkwardly in his leg. While we don’t see the full extent of his injury, it’s clear that his knee moved in an unnatural way, leading to a lot of pain. Burrow remained down on the field for quite some time before being carted away by team doctors.

Broadcasts refused to show the reply of the hit as they felt it was a bit too graphic for television. Usually, this type of protocol is reserved for compound fractures but in this instance, it seems like the movement of his knee is what ultimately made producers not want to show it again.

As Burrow got on the cart, he was surrounded by teammates and opponents who offered him well-wishes. Moving forward, we wish Burrow a speedy and effective recovery.