Lil Baby did not make “The Bigger Picture” to profit off the protests. He made the song to provoke thought in his audience, and he absolutely succeeded.

The song is nominated for two prizes at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, of which the nominations were announced today. While his label thinks he was snubbed in the Best Rap Album and Album Of The Year categories, Baby isn’t speaking about that. Instead, he’s celebrating the awards that he was nominated for, donating the earnings from “The Bigger Picture” to a number of different sources that he will announce at a later date.

“I got 1.5 million dollars to donate off of ‘Bigger Picture’ I want the money to go we’re it’s needed,” wrote Baby on Twitter. “I don’t want to donate to just any organization but I will be letting my fans kno exactly we’re the money goes. Lawyers ,Bonds , Play Grounds , Jobs , youth activities , things that WE can really benefit off of.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This initiative is pretty special and, considering the song was just nominated for two of the greatest honors in music, it means that much more. Plus, he’s actually looking to help out the community, paying for bonds, providing lawyers, and more. 

Lil Baby will be listening to where the money should go, so you better get to hitting him up if you’ve got a case for it.