Lil Wayne has opened the floodgates, having kept a consistent release pace with Dedication 6, Tha Carter V, Funeral, and most recently, Tha Carter V Deluxe. Now, the legendary lyricist has set his sights on the third installment of No Ceilings, this time enlisting DJ Khaled to hold it down as the project’s host. With the release date lined up for November 27th, Khaled recently took it upon himself to preview a little taste of what’s to come, playing a brief snippet of a new collaboration between Drake and Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne Drake

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

“They always try to put a ceiling on our greatness,” explains Khaled, continuing his long-running feud with the ominous they. “So we took the fuckin’ ceiling off!” And from there, he queues up some new music, as Drizzy slides in over a low-key instrumental with some slick bars. “The blues is now kicking in, dinner is three Michelin / I don’t eat red meat, but still got beef sizzling,” raps Drizzy, sounding comfortably in his bag. Before the verse can progress, however, Khaled hits the stop button and offers in a few hype-inducing words of his own.

In a later clip, Khaled proceeds to revisit Drake and Khaled’s collaboration, clearly impressed by how the final record turned out. “This shit serious,” he marvels, before playing a lengthier snippet of the Young Money reunion. “I need discipline,” raps Drizzy. “I keep singing for these hoes, they keep listenin’ / n***as like to bro up with the boy and dap fisteses but we are not equivalent / I been an only child don’t need siblings / and I past em’ like the the time that he’s livin’ in.” 

Check out the No Ceilings 3 trailer below, and sound off if you’re excited to hear some new music from Lil Wayne — including his first Drake duet in a minute. From the sound of it, it would appear that we’ll be getting some bars from both emcees. The question is, who will hold it down with the standout verse?