When you lose an election, you leave office. This is how things typically work, however, since Donald Trump has refused to formally concede, Americans across the nation are taking his recent statement as a sign of progress.

As reported by Fox News, Donald Trump stated that he would leave office if the electoral college votes for Joe Biden. Although this is as obvious a statement as saying “there will be light when the sun rises tomorrow,” Trump stating that he will leave office because he lost is a welcome sign of peaceful transition. However, the president did once again point to claims of massive voter fraud, although the justice system doesn’t seem to agree with his statements. 

When the president was asked by a reporter on Thanksgiving if he would leave office after the electoral college vote, he replied, “Certainly I will. You know that I will.” He also commented on his legal battles in several states, saying, “A lot of things [are] happening between now and Jan. 20.”

“It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede,” Trump added. When asked about running in 2024, Trump stated, “I don’t want to talk to 2024 yet.” However, it does seem like the president still believes he is going to overturn the 2020 election results.