If you spent any amount of time on social media last night or this morning for that matter, then you are certainly aware of the fight between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson. The fight became a treasure trove for memes as Paul knocked out Robinson with ease, leading to a scene in which the former NBA star was knocked out cold in the boxing ring. It was a pretty staggering image and many were quick to make fun of Robinson’s lack of boxing skill.

Despite this, there are still various people who are on Robinson’s side here, and some are even challenging Paul as a way to avenge their friend. One of these challengers is none other than BlobBoy JB who recently took to Instagram and demanded that Paul see him in the ring.

“No like Jake Paul you’ve gotta see me after that,” BlocBoy said. “I don’t like how you did my boy Nate.”

For now, it would appear as though Paul has bigger opponents in mind. Conor McGregor was called out by Paul after the fight last night, which goes to show just how much Jake means business going forward. Despite all of Paul’s ambitious undertakings, it still remains to be seen which fighters will want to give him the time of day.

In the meantime, you can check out the highlights of last night’s fight, below.